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Lash Care Instructions for Lash Extensions

We shed approximately 2 to 5 natural eyelashes per eye per day.  Clients returning for fills must return with at least 50% of their extensions on, otherwise this will be considered a full set and the full set fee will apply.  


  • Always treat your lashes with gentle care

  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes

  • Be extra careful when sleeping with extensions, do not smash your eyes against your pillow or purchase a silk pillow case to avoid snagging.

  • Do not use eyelash curlers with your extensions

  • Gently brush your lashes daily with a clean mascara wand (provided at your appointment)

  • Only use oil-free makeup remover, try to keep oil based products away from your extensions and limit the use of oil based products on your face if at all possible.

  • Proper cleaning of your lashes is very important. Please keep your lashes clean by regular cleansing. I have a special gel lash cleanser for you to purchase in my studio for $30.

  • No oil based or waterproof mascara. I highly recommend NOT using mascara with your lash extensions. If you decide to still use mascara, make sure it's safe for extensions.

  • Apply eye creams, serums, and moisturizers sparingly around the eyes. Too many oil based products around the eyes can break down the adhesive.

  • Please schedule regular touch-up fills every 2-3 weeks to keep them beautiful!



Care Instructions for post Lash Lift and Tint

  • Avoid direct sunlight right after your treatment, as this can weaken the lift lotion and fade the tint.

  • Refrain from getting your eyelashes wet for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Avoid rubbing or touching the eye area as you can irritate the eyes.

  • Since your lashes are still maleable (shape shifting) a side sleeper or face sleeper can cause the lashes to misshape. If possible, please try to sleep on your back.

  • Avoid oil based beauty products around your eyes as this can cause the lift and tint to fade faster.

  • Book your eyelash lift & tint treatment again around 6-8 weeks. (results will vary along with the longevity of the lift and tint depending on the person and aftercare)

  • If you purchase the Elleevate Mascara, you can use it immediately after a lift and tint. It will not cause your lift to fall as it's an approved product and works well with Elleebana lift system.